A series of vibrations, short bursts of captivating audiovisuals, overflowing immense goosebumps.


Regular movement of blood gushing through a body that causes vast and overwhelming emotions.

A Glimpse of us

Hi there! We're a group of passionate photographers and filmmakers from Qatar and Lebanon. Capturing the natural splendor of people and places is our specialty. Our work celebrates the connections between humankind, emotions, and the environment. With technical mastery and creative vision, we craft vibrant images and videos that highlight the beauty all around us. Whether it's a stunning landscape, a joyful smile, or a quiet moment of reflection, our goal is to produce work that resonates with viewers in an uplifting, meaningful way. We'd love to bring our unique perspective to your next project!

Services We Offer


Fashion Shoots


Health and beauty

Destination weddings


We had the pleasure of working with Pulse for a recent photoshoot. They were incredibly friendly and dynamic, and the results were professional and stunning.

From the very start, Pulse team were incredibly friendly and supportive, providing guidance and advice throughout the entire process. Their professionalism was evident in every aspect of the project.

Hiring Pulse for my wedding photography was the best decision i ever made and I could not be happier with the results.

Mohammad Bsaibes

Sara Abd El Aziz

Rima Fouani

Our locations


Kaslik, facing Usek

KBC center,

7th floor


Beirut Souks,

Louis Vuitton Bldg

3rd floor


Qatar ,Doha

Burj Doha

Level 21


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